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Gastronomic campaign: COD AND "PEIXOPALO" (dried cod)

From 1st March to 13th April 2017

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Once again, we have the cod and the "Peixopalo" (dried cod)!
When Lent comes, we put the cod on our tables, which has been a very important food for centuries (and still is).

The "Peixopalo" (dried cod) came to our region through Sant Feliu de Guíxols harbour.

This food was highly appreciated by sailors and workers of the cork industry during the 19th century. That is why, it appears in the people's diet and joins the gastronomy of our sea and our land like no other product.

At present, these products are recovered and reinterpreted in our kitchens. They comes back to our tables with the taste of a lifelong dish that awakens our senses.



Barcarola Hotel - Rest. Les Dunes 
C/ Pau Picasso, 1-19 
Platja de Sant Pol
972 32 69 32

Welcome starter
Escarole, tuna and cod salad and little toasts with cod and dried cod mousse

First course
Traditional dried cod timbale au gratin with garlic mousse

Second course
Loin of cod with a mild sauce of garlic roots and baby onions

Crunchy chocolate cone filled with Catalan custard on a banana split ice-cream

Mineral waters, DO Empordà wine and coffee (included)

29,50€ VAT included

Can Nadeu
C/ Sant Domènec, 5
972 32 27 33

First courses
Escarole, tuna and cod salad
"Piquillo" peppers filled with salt cod brandade au gratin

Second courses
Casserole of Lenten cod supreme (samfaina made by pepper, aubergine, tomato and onion stew, hard-boiled egg and plums)
Rice with cod (min. 2 pers.)


Bread and drinks (mineral waters, soft-drinks, beer or wine) included

24€ VAT included

Can Pope
Ronda General Guitart, 1
972 82 28 48

First course
Cod Carpaccio

Second course 
Sant Sebastian style cod


Bread, drinks and coffees included

14,40€ VAT included (weekdays)
15,50€ IVA VAT included (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

Can Toni Covas
C/ Rutlla, 9
972 32 53 74

First course
M. Àngels' cod "grassoletes"(fritters)

 Second course
Prickled cod with artichoke crisps and a drop of mango


Home-made desserts

Mineral waters, 1/2 bottle of wine or 1 drink included
Coffees not included

25€ VAT included

Casa Teva
Plaça Ferran Agulló, 4 
615 22 34 21

Welcome starter
Salt cod brandade croquettes with creamy "piquillo" peppers

First course
Shredded salt cod with anchovies, escarole, "romesco" and kalamata olives

Second course
Piece of cod with samfaina (peppers, aubergine, tomato and onion stew)

Baked apple with creamy vanilla, toffee and cinnamon

Bread and wine included

28€ VAT included

Cau del Pescador
C/ Sant Domènec, 11 
972 32 40 52

Tasting menu
(Taula Completa)
Tuna tataki with soya sauce and Rosemary oil
Escarole, cod carpaccio, Figueres onion salad with a romesco vinaigrette 
Cod fritters
Eggs with garlic shoots and asparagus
Loin of cod with natural tomato

Peixopalo (dried cod) with potatoes, cod bellies and allioli 

A dessert to choose among the menu

Drinks and coffees NOT included

40,00 € VAT included

Passeig del Mar, 1
972 82 06 26

First courses
Pumpkin ravioli filled with cod, manchego cheese and bechamel au gratin
Aubergine millefeuille filled with cod au gratin and anchovies cream
Cod salad with red pepper jam

Second courses
Creamy cod rice with "camagrocs" (mushrooms)
Pig's trotters filled with cod and "ceps" (mushrooms) 
Guixols monks' cod (wrapped in flaky pastry and pisto)

Assorted pastries
Home-made Catalan custard 
Sherbet of strawberries and cream

Mineral waters, soft-drink or wine included

18€ VAT included

El Ginjoler
Hort del Rector (behind the Monastery)
620 623 454

First courses tasting
Vinegared vegetables in carrot escabeche
Mashed potatoes with cod
Cod croquette with honey allioli

Second courses tasting
Cod and crunchy raw artichokes salad
Stew of cod, pasta shells filled with brandade, cod bellies, tubers and cabbage...


Mineral waters and bread included

36€ VAT included

La Gaviota Bar Taverna
Rambla Vidal, 40
972 32 46 14

First courses
 “Mare Nostrum” salad
Fish soup
Cod carpaccio 

Second courses
Fried and baked cod
Cod with garlic mousseline
Cod with aubergines

Home-made cake
Catalan custard

Veri waters,“La Gaviota” cava brut nature and Bonka coffees included

25€ VAT included

La Pansa
C/ Lluna, 99
972 82 06 08

First courses
Cod carpaccio with tomato jam and Parmesan cookie
Cod "brunyols" (fritters) La Pansa" style
Cod and haricot beans salad

Second courses
"Peixopalo" (dried cod) with cod bellies, chickpeas and artichokes
Rice broth with cod and artichokes (min. 2 pers.)
Baked cod with potatoes and mushrooms

Home-made desserts

Celler Jardins de Peralada Wines included

23€ VAT included

La Proa
C/ Colom, s/n
872 02 75 32

Cod with blood sausage mousse and ham pil-pil 


Cod in textures salad

Main courses
Green rice with cod, bellies, mushrooms and vegetables
Piece of roasted cod with a mild cream of garlic and sea urchins
Stewed "Peixopalo" (dried cod) with cod bellies, potatoes, hard-boiled egg and black olives

Glass of Catalan custard mousse with lemon sherbet
Whisky cake

Mineral waters, Ermita de Sant Gil wine, bread and coffees included

23€ VAT included

Passeig del Mar, 35
972 32 10 23

First courses tasting
Shredded salt cod salad
Cod carpaccio on bed of tomato, capers and black olives
Cod cannelloni with bechamel and tomato
Cod "grassoletes" (fritters)

Second courses
Creamy rice with cod and artichokes (min. 2 pers.)
Ganxó style "Peixopalo" (dried cod)
Cod with samfaina (peppers, aubergine, tomato and onion stew)

Home-made pastry

D.O. Empordà wines and mineral waters included

28€ VAT included

Passeig dels Guíxols, 21 
972 32 19 21

First courses
Cod carpaccio, salmon and vieires (scallops) salad with a citrus vinaigrette
Millefeuille made by loan of cod with king prawns, artichoke crisps, cured ham shavings and prawns pil-pil
Grilled squids filled with prawns and green asparagus with a parsley oil

Second courses
Casserole of rice with cod, bellies, artichokes and baby broad beans (min. 2 pers.)
Loan of cod au gratin with quince mousseline on bed of spinaches, raisins and pine nuts


Clos Primat D.O. Empordà white, pink or red Wine included

28€ VAT included

Nit i dia
C/ Sant Llorenç, 11
972 32 26 35

First courses
Cod carpaccio
Cod "brunyols" (fritters) with escalivada (roast vegetables)

Second dishes
Cod with samfaina (peppers, aubergine, tomato and onion stew)
"Ajoarriero" (garlic, oil and paprika) cod

Home-made desserts

Wine and mineral waters included

16€ VAT included

Sant Pol Hotel - Restaurant
Passeig de Sant Pol, 125
Platja de Sant Pol
972 32 10 70

First course
Smoked cod salad with anchovies and Belgian endives

Second course 
Cod with white kidney beans

Ice-cream goblet or home-made pastries

Drink and coffees NOT included

26€ VAT included

Restaurants that take part in the campaign:

Barcarola Hotel - Rest. Les Dunes, Can Nadeu, Can Pope, Can Toni Covas, Casa Teva, Cau del Pescador, Culture, El Ginjoler, La Gaviota Bar Taverna, La Pansa, La Proa, Marabú, Murlà, Nit i dia, Sant Pol Hotel – Restaurant.


Plaça del Monestir s/n · 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols
turisme@guixols.cat · Tel. 972 820 051

Winter opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 18h – Sundays and holidays from 10 to 17h
Summer opening hours: every day from 10 to 21.15h.

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