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Once again, we have the cod and the dried cod (peixopalo, as we call it)!

For Lent, cod comes to our tables. It was an important food during centuries and still continues to be at present. 

By Sant Feliu de Guíxols harbour, peixopalo (dried cod) was introduced to our zone. This fish was highly valued by sailors and workers of the cork industry during the 19th century. It was immediatly added to our diet. As no other product, it combined the gastronomy of the sea and the land. 

These products are recovered and reinterpreted in our kitchens. They come back to our tables with the taste of a lifelong dish that awakens our senses.


Ca  l’Isern

27 Especiers street

972 82 28 21


First course (choice of one)

Cod fritters


Xató (escarole, tuna and cod salad)

Second course (choice of one)

Cod with romesco (Catalan nut, red pepper, tomato, and garlic sauce) and allioli (garlic mayonnaise)


Cod with traditional samfaina (pepper, aubergine, tomatoe and onion stew)


Homemade desserts

Water and D.O. Catalunya wine

€ 27 VAT included


Cau del Pescador

11 Sant Domènec street

972 32 40 52


Tasting Menu

(All included)

Escarole, cod carpaccio, mashed Figueres onion salad with romesco vinaigrette 

Scrambled eggs with garlic shoots and asparagus

Cod fritters

Cod cannelloni with piquillo peppers cream

Peixopalo (dried cod) with potatoes, cod bellies and curdled allioli (garlic mayonnaise)


Desserts to choose from the menu

Drinks and coffees NOT included

€ 39,50 VAT included


El Ginjoler

Hort del Rector (behind the Monastery)

620 62 34 54


Tasting Menu

Cod and saffron crisps

Salad of cod, orange, baby broad beans and olives

Fritters of cod and pil pil (cooked with oil, chilli and black garlic)

Infusió of cod with peas and cod bellies

Lent cod of my mother with raisins, egg and spinachs


Ginestada: Almond, lemon, saffron, pear and date

Water and bread included

€ 38 VAT included


El Tinglado

On the harbour

972 82 26 05


Menu (Minimum 2 persons)

First course

Salad of oragne, mashed onion and shredded salt cod

Second course

Cod with hoummos and prickled cherry tomatoes


Mille-feuille of cod brandade and quince

Drink and coffee NOT included

€18 TVA included


Els Nois

(Hostal Chic) 5 Rambla del Portalet

972 32 87 28/ 698 912 131



Fritters of creamy cod brandade


Escalivada (roast vegetables) with blanched escarole, shredded cod and olive from Aragó

First course

Rice of artichokes, cod, garlic shoots and blood sausage

Second course

Loin of prickled cod, Santa Pau white beans, cod gut and bacon 


Homemade cottage cheese with roses marmalade and orange

Clos Primat wine: white, rosé or red, mineral water and coffees

€ 32 VAT included


La Gaviota Bar Taverna

40 La Rambla

972 32 46 14


First course (choice of one)

Empedrat (salt cod and white bean salad)

Scrambled eggs with cod

Second course (choice of one)

Cod with cream of wild mushrooms 

Cod with samfaina (pepper, aubergine, tomato and onion stew) 


Homemade desserts

Veri mineral waters, “La Gaviota” cava brut nature and Bonka coffees included

€ 25 VAT included


La Pansa

99 Lluna street

972 82 06 08

First course (choice of one)

Cod carpaccio with figs jam 


Xató salad with escarole, tuna, cod and anchovies

Second course (choice of one)                                                                  

Rice with cod and artichokes (minimum 2 persons)


Dried cod with cod guts and potatoes or chick peas


Homemade desserts

Wines: Celler Jardins de Peralada included

€ 23 VAT included


La Proa

Colom street

872 02 75 32


Tasting Menu

Prickled artichoke stuffed with cod brandade

Xató salad with escarole, cod, tuna, anchovies and romesco emulsion

Plate of cod kokotxas in green sauce

Dried cod with cod guts, potatoes, hard-boiled egg and black olives


Crème brûlée mousse

Bread, mineral waters, coffee or infusion

Wine: Ermita de Sant Gil (Empordà)

€ 30 VAt included



35 Passeig del Mar

972 32 10 23


First course (all included)

Salt anchovies with tomato rubbed bread 

Cod fritters

Piquillo peppers stuffed with meat and vegetables

Sauteed coquina clams with garlic and parsley

Second course (choice of one)

Shellfish creamy rice with cuttlefish and season vegetables (minimum 2 persons)


Sant Feliu style dried cod 


Baked cod on bed of potatoes, minced nuts and tomato reduction


Homemade desserts

Mineral waters and homemade desserts included

€ 28 VAT included



(Elke Spa Hotel)  8 Rambla Portalet

872 20 21 20


First course (choice of one)

Salad of season vegatables and smoked cod


Cured mackerel with aubergines cream and season sprouts

Second course

Cod kokotxas with emulsion of clams, herbs oil and creamy cauliflower

Desserts (choice of one)

Creamy cottage cheese with crunchy butter and forest fruits


Creamy white chocolate with camomilla gelatin and lemon mousse

Bread, water and cup of house wine included

€ 25 VAT included


Taverna del Mercat

Indoor Market

699 629 932


First course

Cod croquettes

Second course

La Taverna style cod


Charcoal-grilled entrecôte


Homemade desserts

Cup of Albariño wine included

€ 18 VAT included


Restaurants that take part in the campaign

Ca l’Isern; Cau del Pescador; El Ginjoler; El Tinglado; Els Nois; La Gaviota Bar Taverna; La Pansa; La Proa; Marabú; Metronon; Taverna del Mercat


Plaça del Monestir s/n · 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols
turisme@guixols.cat · Tel. 972 820 051

Winter opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 9.30 to 18h – Sundays and holidays from 10 to 14h
Summer opening hours: every day from 10 to 21.15h.

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